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Weed Shear
Weed Shear
Weed Shear
Weed Shear
Weed Shear
Weed Shear
Weed Shear
Weed Shear

Weed Shear

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No more diving below the surface to remove your unwanted weeds & vegetation in your pond or lake shore, instead choose to eliminate them for good with the Paumco Weed Shear! The Weed Shear is easy to use, easy to throw, easy to collapse for the ultimate convenience when travelling. Whether you're a lake house owner or just want to spruce up your vacation home up north for the summer, this is the perfect tool for you. 

How It Works: Secure the rope onto the Weed Shear and inspect all nuts and bolts for security. Throw the shear from your dock, boat, or shore and allow the razor sharp blades to sink to the bottom of the weeds. Give a few quick tugs of your rope and your weeds will start floating to the surface. It's that easy! 


  1. 25' Rope
  2. 9' Handle
  3. Hand Held Sharpener
  4. Blade Cover


  • 49" Cutting Path
  • Rust Resistant V-Shaped Stainless Steel Shears
  • Convertible Length For Shallow Or Deep Water
  • Blade Covers For Safety & Transportation
  • Razor Sharp Blades Which Require Little To No Sharpening
  • Snap On Handle Feature For Longer Or Shorter Throws
  • Part #1200

Cut Variety Of Underwater Weeds, Such As:

  • MilFoil
  • Hydrilla
  • Lily Pads
  • & More!



Product not intended to be used by children. Practice caution around all power sources to avoid electrocution. Inspect thoroughly before throwing product. 

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