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About Us

"Our philosophy is simple . . .

to make work more productive by creating exceptional products."


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What happens when you get four grown-up brothers together around a campfire? When it's the Paumen brothers, you get nonstop brainstorming of ideas for making everyday outdoors products even better.

Combining their love of the outdoors with their inventor spirit and metal fabrication day jobs, the result of those many campfire sessions, past and present, is Paumco Products, Inc — a family company dedicated to making simple products that help everyone make the most of all their time together outdoors or on the job.

At Paumco, we are a family business with over 75 years of experience in metal fabrication, manufacturing, and engineering. As a family business, we combined our history of farming with our passion for designing innovative agricultural, farming and outdoor equipment.

 The result? 

Practical tools designed to increase your work productivity and decrease the amount of time on the job.


At Paumco, you'll find our innovative products build on our solid reputation in agriculture and landscaping. We use versatile attachment systems and other practical solutions to make work and play more efficient and productive. Whether you want to grade a driveway, dig a trench, plow the snow from your driveway, move a few boulders, transport hay or you have a bigger project to tackle, our range of products will have you covered. 



Paumco Agriculture Equipment #1 Choice For Farmers

Your farm never stops, and neither should your equipment.

Paumco's innovative line of agriculture skid steer attachments is designed to help you work more efficiently and effectively around the farm. We understand that farmers just like you rely on durable products that will outlast the toughest conditions, and we aim to deliver those exact products right to your door. Our tools are constructed with solid steel and attach easily to your machinery, guaranteed to increase your productivity while reducing your machine's downtime.   

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Paumco Landscaping Equipment For All Projects

Landscaping has never looked so easy.

Re-doing the yard? Adding rock terrain to the garden? We have the right attachments to make your next job a breeze. Our reliable landscaping attachments were made with the average contractor in mind, making note of the direction landscaping has headed and preparing for the future. Products such as the quick spade and fork grapple will replace the need for extra man power, making them perfect for contractors looking to save on a big project or the home renovation do-it-yourself-er on a budget.  View Landscaping Equipment




Outdoor Gear

Paumco Outdoor & Camping Gear

When we say "Get More Out" - we mean it. 

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or someone who simply enjoys the occasional backyard cookout, Paumco has the perfect gear for you. Our tools are designed with solid steel and given a rust resistant finish to help you get the most out of all your upcoming outdoor adventures, no matter what the weather brings your way. Count on our devices to out-perform the competition every time, whether you're cooking over your campfire, moving hot logs to keep the fire burning, or removing the weeds from your lakeside cabin shore. All of our outdoor products are made to suit your needs while being easy to use and built to last. View Outdoor Gear

We strive for 100% satisfaction on every order we get.

Our goal here at Paumco Products, Inc is to help our consumers get more out of work, play, and simple everyday life. Always.


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