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The Reversible Pork Fork
The Reversible Pork Fork
The Reversible Pork Fork
The Reversible Pork Fork
Pork Fork

The Reversible Pork Fork

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The durable Reversible Pork Fork is the safest way to cook during your next outdoor adventure. With over a 3 foot reach, The Reversible Pork Fork can easily flip burgers or hot dogs from a safe distance. This innovative can be faced backwards or forwards, making for a more enjoyable overall cooking experience.If you're around children and worried about transportation, simply face the forks backward for extra safety. The durable stainless steel forks are dishwasher safe and break down for easy transportation. The Pork Fork comes come in 3 easy attachable pieces: the handle, extension, and fork. Mix & match your pieces to make the perfect fork for any occasion! The Pork Fork is the must have cooking tool for your backyard, camping, or any outdoor adventures.

How It Works:

Assemble the Pork Fork to your desired length. (Attach all 3 for extra reach!) Choose to cook with forks facing either forwards or backwards, which is perfect for those parents with small children that want to cook their own s'mores. 


  1. Handle
  2. Extension
  3. Fork


  • Reversible For Traditional Cooking & Extra Safety
  • Stainless Steel Forks
  • Easily Break Down For Storage Or Transport
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Includes Extension For Extra Reach 
  • Mix & Match Pieces
  • Part #1113

Perfect For Cooking:

  • Kebobs
  • Chicken
  • Pork chops
  • Hot Dogs (Holds Up To 7!)
  • Steaks
  • & More!