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“When we say get more out… We mean it.”

What happens when you get three grown-up brothers together around a campfire?

When it's the Paumen brothers, you get a nonstop brainstorming session of ideas for making everyday outdoor products even better.

Paumen Brothers, Founders Of Paumco Products, Inc

Combining their love of the outdoors with their inventor spirit and metal fabrication day jobs, and also as a result of those many past and present campfire sessions, is Paumco Outdoors — a family company dedicated to making simple products that help everyone get the most of all their time together.

A wise man once said “Sometimes, a little time in the great outdoors is all you need”. Here at Paumco Outdoors, no statement could be more true or valuable to us.

A love for the outdoors has traveled down through the Paumen family for many generations. It’s where we reeled in our first fish, perfected our grilling skills, and made enough memories to fill a hundred scrapbooks. We wanted to share our passion with the world through products that function better, last longer, and meet your needs as an outdoor enthusiast.

Wherever adventure takes us, it provides the perfect lab for testing our products. Whether that’s our own backyards or backpacking to our favorite campsite, we consistently aim for our products to live up to the conditions while making your life easier. 

It all started in 2001, when Steve Paumen (father to the aforementioned grown-up brothers) became frustrated with the standard tripod style portable grill, consisting of 3 poles, a chain, and a grill surface (which are still being sold today). The brothers thought there had to be a more convenient way to grill delicious meals for their family while on one of their many camping trips. That’s when their brother-in-law Bob came up with the idea for a grill so innovative, he wanted to share it with the world. Thus, the Original Bob-A-Que Adjustable Grill was developed, a namesake product that continues to outperform other grills now as it did in the early 2000’s.

Like the rest of their family, the brothers enjoy making products that solve problems, are simple to use, and last a lifetime. Their greatest satisfaction and family pride is when they receive a customer comment such as, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

The Paumen family spent a lot of time camping when they were kids, a tradition that continues with each of our respective families today. We do what we can to share our passion for the outdoors with everyone, to brighten family trips or backyard staycations with your loved ones, and encourage everyone to get more out of your time spent together as a family.

We know nothing brings people together more than good food shared with the people we love, where we love to be. We aim to bring you each of those qualities with our outdoor gear: The Bob-A-Que for the ultimate grilling experience, The Handi-Hand for safe log grabbing to keep your flames burning all night long, and The Reversible Pork Fork for a family hot dog or marshmallow roasting around the campfire.

The Paumen’s want to thank everyone who contributes to our goal of a better family vacation by using one of our products on a camping trip, getting quality outdoor time with your family, or just by making it to the end of our story. We will strive to continue to bring you impressive products – for as long as passion for the outdoors flourish.

(Spoiler alert: That means we’re going to be around for a long time!)

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