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Profits By The Scoop - Beat The Competition

See the difference? That's what 40% looks like. . . 

At Paumco we thought that was pretty noticeable.

With Paumco products, this is the difference you can expect to see in your work load. 

How did Paumco find out how effective our products were at helping our customers? We went through a few tests. 

The Paumco Fork Grapple is a durable grapple system that you can easily attach onto any standard 4" forks. This attachment gives you the power to manage difficult to handle material with ease with it's up to 8,000 PSI of hydraulic machine power. 

Paumco reached out to our local contractors working in various industries, from construction to landscaping, to put the Paumco Fork Grapple System to the test. What we were after? Our goal was to increase their labor efficiency while decreasing their product down time. 

The Result?


The Paumco Fork Grapple System saved these contractors an average of 6 Total Hours Of Labor Per Job and Increased Work Force Efficiency By 70%.


At Paumco, we aim to help those in logging, construction, demolition, landscaping, and all other fields to get the most out of their equipment by designing tools to make tackling your most challenging tasks simple and easy.


Whether on a job site or on the farm, time is money. At Paumco, we understand that you need tools that work properly and consistently while limiting your down time. To prove our tools fit your needs, we asked local farmers to test our Bucket Grapple to see the impact themselves.

The Results?

1. Improved Silage Load Time


While loading their silage wagon from their bag, the farmers were asked to compare the Bucket Grapple with similar systems they've used in the past.

The Paumco Bucket Grapple gave these farmers a 6 Minute And 7 Second Load Time Per Load vs. their regular 14 Minute Load Time Per Load with competing products.

That's  9 Loads Per Hour with Paumco  vs. 4 Loads Per Hour with other products!

Why is this significant?

Say your regular Profit Per Hour is $60.00 including man and machine costs. If you're only averaging 4 Loads Per Hour, this means you're getting a profit of $15.00 Per Load. 

Now say you're making the same profit of $15.00 Per Load, but instead you're using the Paumco Bucket Grapple and averaging 9 Loads Per HourThis means your Profit Per Hour becomes $135.00!


That's an increase of $75.00 Per Hour just by switching to Paumco's Bucket Grapple!

That's more than DOUBLE your usual hourly profit and DOUBLE your usual hourly loads!

We think that's pretty impressive.


2. Manure Load Time

We wanted to see how the Bucket Grapple would handle manure in comparison to other leading products. We asked farmers to compare these products while loading manure from a pile into the spreader.


The Paumco Bucket Grapple gave these farmers a 6 Minute Load Time Per Load vs. their regular 10 Minute Load Time Per Load with competing products.

Let's weigh that up again,

If your regular Profit Per Hour is still $60.00, this means with the competition you're only averaging 6 Loads Per Hour at a rate of $10 Per Load. 

Now we'll say you're making that same profit of $10 Per Loadbut you've switched to the Paumco Bucket Grapple and are now averaging 10 Loads Per HourThis alone increases your Profit Per Hour up to $100.00!


That's an increase of $40.00 Per Hour!

If you could gain an extra $40.00 in pocket while decreasing your time spent working just by switching to Paumco's Bucket Grapple, why wouldn't you?


3. Time Spent Moving A Dirt Pile

Our last test was to compare the Bucket Grapple's ability to move dirt in comparison to other competitor's products. We asked our farmers to time themselves while loading and unloading dirt.


The Paumco Bucket Grapple gave these farmers a 14 Minute Dirt Load Time vs. a 29 Minute Dirt Load Time.

Again, to put this into perspective, let's say your Profit Per Hour is $60.00. This means that when using the leading competition, you're only averaging a total of 2 Loads Per Hour and making a profit of approximately $30.00 Per Load.

Let's take that same profit of $30.00 Per Load and instead use the Paumco Bucket Grapple to give you an average of 4 Loads Per Hour. This gives you a new Profit Per Hour of up to $120.00!

That's another DOUBLE Hourly Profit and DOUBLE Loads Per Hour, just by using the Paumco Bucket Grapple instead of the leading competition.

If this were baseball, that would be 3 Strikes against the competition. Looks like they're out and Paumco's in!


With such large differences, it's safe to say that Paumco beats the leading competition in profits given to our customers and time they spend on their work loads.


Here at Paumco, we feel it's important to share these results with our customers to ensure them they're getting the best deal possible.
Can't believe it? Run your own tests and send your findings into Paumco so we can continue to make exceptional products.

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