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Must-Have Bucket Attachments for Winter & Spring

Winter & Spring


Quality construction. Heavy-duty strength. Easy mounting. Three core components of a Paumco bucket attachment! If you need to move mass quantities of materials from snow to sand, we have you covered. With the right bucket for your compact tractor or skid steer loader, you can elevate your productivity and bottom line. Who doesn’t want that? As we journey through winter and look forward to warmer weather, now is the perfect time to explore equipment that can help you achieve success on the farm, yard, or job site.


Two Different Bucket Attachments by Paumco


Heavy Duty Universal Buckets

68” or 74” Heavy Duty Universal Buckets

Get ultimate versatility for any job with Paumco’s universal bucket attachment. This durable, multi-application bucket with a reinforced bottom cutting edge is made with 1055 hardened steel for added strength. Available in two lengths, the bucket depth is 33” while the bucket height is 23.5”. Equipped with 3/16” sidewalls and a 5/16” heavy-gauge steel top reinforced plate, this skid steer bucket is the perfect tool to dig, load, carry, level, handle material, and more. Mounting is made easy with the included Paumco Quick Attach Plate. On top of that, this is the only bucket on the market with mounting holes for all other Paumco attachments, such as the Bolt On Cutting Edge and Grapple System.


74”, 80”, or 96” Fork Buckets

Move rocks, debris, and hay or grab objects below the surface with minimal effort. Designed to increase the life of your equipment, Paumco’s fork bucket will help to improve your work efficiency and reduce your labor hours, all while turning your equipment into a well-oiled agricultural or landscaping machine. Get a stronger grasp on large objects while letting small objects fall through the cracks. Dive into your load with ease each and every time, even in the winter and harsh conditions. These durable fork buckets feature 50 evenly placed steel teeth, ½” tines, and 4” tine spacing.


If you’re in the market for a new bucket attachment, look no further. As a family business with over 75 years of experience in metal fabrication, manufacturing, and engineering, you can count on Paumco equipment to last and perform efficiently for many years to come.

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