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An Innovative Portable Grill Grate for Your Outdoor Adventures

Can we all agree that everything’s better around a campfire? The soothing crackle sounds, natural aromatic smells, warmth of the flames, delicious food roasting, and fun memories made. With longer days and sunny rays on the horizon, prime camping season is almost here. If you’re looking to get your list of outdoor essentials ready or to make some equipment upgrades, consider adding the Paumco Original Bob-A-Que to your collection! This portable grill grate is designed to elevate any outdoor adventure, whether you’re camping, backpacking, or grilling at home.

A Portable Grill Grate for Cooking Outside

Crave ultimate grilling control? We’ve got a solution for you! Save time and effort while safely cooking in the great outdoors with the Original Bob-A-Que. With its 360° swivel arm, you can simply turn the cooking grate left or right to avoid smoke and flames or to conveniently put on and remove food. It includes an easily adjustable horizontal arm to control the cooking temperature by moving the grate up or down from the heat source, such as a fire pit, bed of coals, or even a propane flame. No tools are required to begin grilling, and cleanup is a breeze with its dishwasher-safe cooking surface. Constructed from durable steel with a rust-resistant finish, you can count on the heavy-duty Bob-A-Que to last through all of your adventures. For enhanced portability, check out the Bob-A-Que Traveler, a more convenient spin-off of the Original Bob-A-Que with all of the same loved features. This portable grill grate comes with a 17” compact bag for effortless storage and travel. 

How the Bob-A-Que Works

Simply connect the two vertical arms and two horizontal braces together with the included locking bracket. Place the grill on the horizontal arm, step onto the platform to secure it into the ground, and begin cooking. You’re only a few steps away from deliciousness.

Don't just take our word for it

The Bob-A-Que is also highly rated amongst our valued customers. One user named Tim said, “Great product, easy to set up, simple/no tools needed! Great for cooking over an open fire and still able to cook evenly because of the ability to rotate the grill platform and raise or lower it as needed! Well worth the price!” This portable grill grate will surely be the only one you’ll ever need.

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