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4 Delicious Things to Grill On The Go

Going camping doesn’t mean that you can’t eat good food. It can be difficult to know what to bring along to make the delicious food you crave while you’re out in the great wilderness, so we’re here with 4 fun and delicious things that you can grill on the go. Need a portable grill? Check out the Bob-A-Que Portable Open Fire Grill, easily transportable and sets up right over an open flame – no further accessories required!

1. Yummy Paper Bag Bacon & Eggs 

Yummy Paper Bag Bacon & Eggs - 4 Delicious Things to Grill On The Go
    One of the easiest recipes to make is also a classic – a breakfast of warm bacon and eggs – and all you need to bring is your trusty portable grill (Bob-A-Que Grill 39.99 ), some brown paper bags, and some eggs & bacon (obviously!) to make this yummy meal.
    1. Line the bottom and a little up the sides of the inside of the bag with strips of bacon. The oil from the bacon will prevent the paper from catching fire, and will also provide a crunchy outer shell to your eggs.
    2. Crack the eggs into the bacon bowl you’ve made on the bottom of the paper bag.
    3. Pop the bags (as many as you like) onto your open-fire grate grill and wait. You’ll be able to tell the food is done once you see the bacon grease creeping about halfway up the bag.
    4. Serve and appreciate your work!


    2. Grilled Waffle Treats 

    Grilled Waffle Treats - 4 Delicious Things to Grill On The Go
      Grilled waffles are a delicious desert treat for the kids after a long day of hiking, fishing, and skipping rocks on the lake. Simple to make and guaranteed sweet tooth satisfaction, this dish is a must-have meal if you’re out camping with the family. You’ll need to bring a little oil, heavy-duty aluminum foil, ¼ cup of marshmallows, ¼ cup chocolate chips and some of your favorite waffles.
      1. Prepare your foil. Cut out about a 12 in. square of double thickness heavy duty foil and grease moderately to avoid sticking.
      2. Place first waffle on top of foil. Sprinkle both ¼ cup of marshmallows and chocolate chips on top of the first waffle.
      3. Top your first layer with another waffle to make a sandwich.
      4. Fold the foil around the waffle creation and seal tightly. Repeat for as many waffle sandwiches as you desire.
      5. Place on your grill and cook (covered) for 8-10 minutes or until chocolate is melted, turning only once.
      6. Open the foil slowly to allow steam to escape, let cool for 2 minutes and enjoy!


      3. Ultimate Lumberjack Breakfast

      Ultimate Lumberjack Breakfast - 4 Delicious Things to Grill On The Go
        The hearty breakfast option for those of us in need of extra fuel on our adventurous outings, the Ultimate Lumberjack Breakfast is customizable to your tastes entirely, meaning you can add whatever you want into it. A camping recipe that’s just as fun to eat as it is easy to make, it’s a home run breakfast in our books. You’ll need tinfoil, sausage or Canadian bacon, frozen hash browns or leftover cooked potatoes, diced eggs, chopped vegetables (we recommend tomatoes and green onions), and shredded cheese of any kind.
        1. Begin by prepping your foil by lightly coating a double layer in cooking oil or cooking spray. Lay the sausages and Canadian bacon onto this bottom layer first. This way the meat will receive direct heat from the open-grate grill and will ensure it cooks properly.
        2. On top of the sausages, add your potatoes (hash browns or diced potatoes) and a couple of eggs. You can also add the vegetables at this point if you have decided to add some.
        3. At this point, you may customize your breakfast in any way you like. Salt & pepper to taste if necessary.
        4. Wrap up the tinfoil into a packet and place on your grill for 15-20 minutes or until thoroughly cooked.
        5. After the 20 minutes, open the packet back up to add your shredded cheese and allow to melt for a couple more minutes over the grill.
        6. Let cool and dig in!



        4. Hot Dog Spiders

        Hot Dog Spiders - 4 Delicious Things to Grill On The Go

        For the kiddies, this fun twist on regular old hot dogs is a family favorite and one that everyone can be prepared for at any time. Odds are if you head out on a camping trip, you’ve brought some hot dogs to roast over the fire – there’s no extra ingredients to this recipe and the enjoyment it will bring to the family is well worth the few extra steps to make this meal! All you’ll need is a batch of your favorite hot dogs and some crescent dough.
        1. Prepare your hot dogs by cutting each in half lengthwise, then cut each peace in half crosswise. Keep the middle intact and use the tip of a knife to make 3 slices at either end of each hot dog piece to make 4 “legs” on either side. Each hot dog will make four treats.
        2. Prepare the dough by cutting into strips, about 1”Wx2”L. Wrap the dough around the middle of each hot dog to make the “body” of the spider. Pinch the dough to seal. (For extra body decoration, press some sesame seeds into the body to make eyes!)
        3. Press the hot dogs onto a roasting fork (Reversible Pork Fork 5.99 ) and hold over fire until the dough is golden brown and hot dog is well cooked.
        4. Allow to cool and bon appetite! 



        Hopefully this list has given you some yummy recipes to try on your next outing or inspired you to create some new recipes of your own. Portable grills will make preparing meals while camping much easier, enabling multiple meals to be cooked hands free all at once. Check out the Bob-A-Que Portable Grill for your next camping trip.
        Let us know if you try some of these recipes and how it works for you!

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