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Paumco Ultimate Camper's Gift Set Including Bob-A-Que, Handi-Hand And Two Reversible Roasting Forks
Paumco Original Bob-A-Que Portable Campfire Open Fire Adjustable Height And 360 Swivel Grill
Paumco Reversible Pork Fork Adjustable Stainless Steel Roasting Fork
Paumco Original Handi-Hand Stainless Steel 4 Foot Log Grabber & Mobility Reach Aid

The Ultimate Camper's Gift Set

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Let's set the scene... You're huddled around the campfire after a long day of relaxing in the great outdoors. Your favorite campanion is by your side, setting up the Original Bob-A-Que portable grill that was included in The Ultimate Camper's Gift Set you gave them this morning, the one that prompted them to invite you on this weekend getaway. You give yourself a pat on the back for being a good friend and great outdoorsman while you gaze at the stars.

No matter the occasion, giving the gift of a perfect camping experience is always greeted with joy and excitement. That's why we've bundled your favorite Paumco camping products together to make The Ultimate Camper's Gift Set, including our Original Bob-A-Que portable grillHandi-Hand log grabberand TWO additional Reversible Pork Forks - because sharing is caring.

But we didn't stop there... 

What's better than giving an awesome gift? Getting an awesome discount on that awesome gift. We're going to give you an awesome 10% off what you'd pay if you purchased these items separately, so you can give the gift of the outdoors while receiving the gift of savings.

Gift Set Includes