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Bought this to use over our fire pit just before the (Florida) summer rains hit

Bought this to use over our fire pit just before the (Florida) summer rains hit. Can't wait for cooler weather so we can have a fire and start using this grill again.

Get a good bed of coals going and you can't miss

Clever well made product. Works perfectly as advertised. Get a good bed of coals going and you can't miss. I did have some initial issues cooking evenly, due to my own inexperience. While I did enjoy the ability to rotate the grill surface on the arm, be prepared with another tool to grab it while you flip food, so it doesn't spin around on ya. I'm not taking about the arm. Zero issues with the ground and stability.

A great way to cook food

This is my second one, the first last about 15 years! A great way to cook food, much better than the swinging tripod. Be careful though the first use to season it right, we lost a load of food because we rushed it and the paint was not set on it.

It makes cooking meals easy

This product is a must have when you are camping! It makes cooking meals easy as you can spin the grill plus turn off to the side to flip or remove the food. Absolutely love it!

Great item

When this thing arrived, the box looked like it had been dropped down a flight of stairs from the top of a skyscraper, and then landed in the street right before the start of a parade featuring elephants. I don't think I've ever seen a box in such a sorry state, essentially the only thing holding it together was packing tape and hope. I figured it was used, badly used, abused and mistreated even, and I considered just sending it back without even opening it. Decided to at least take a look though, and was delighted to find that the grill in the box was not only brand new and never used, but also in perfect pristine shape, not a scratch or a dent on it (except the one dent on the cross arm that is there intentionally to make the grill lay flat). So, you can take the sorry state of the package it arrived in as a testament of the durability of the product inside. I used it for the first time this past weekend on a camping trip, and it worked great. Burgers were enjoyed by all.







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Very good tool

Very good tool. Does the job I expected it to do.

Five Stars

Worked very well.

Five Stars

This baby really cuts weeds and Lilly pads. Careful not to cut yourself on the blades!

Bye bye weeds

This cutter works great!!

Had used in the past

I had used one in the past,but since I bought my lake house I wanted one for is lightweight and we'll the cleanest beach on the lake!!!






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Love the Handi-Hand

We go camping all the time and bring the Handi-Hand with us and makes "playing" with the fire fun! May have to order another!

great product!!

great fire tongs for camping when you build a fire we you them all the time and love them thanks







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I am amazed at how often I use it

I purchased the Paumco Bucket Grapple and installed it onto my Kubota tractor to use around my hobby farm and am amazed at how often I use it. Obviously the moving of brush, wood and manure but picking up the feed bunk or the lick tank and moving it. I even moved the picnic table because it was so handy. You see through it and has yet to be a hindrance so I have no reason to take it off.

I would recommend any farmer to purchase this product.

After using this grapple for some time, I am convinced that it Is designed to be used on the farm. It reduces my skid steer time tremendously by compacting and holdting materials in the bucket. I have well over 250 hours on this product with absolutely no problems with the unit. I use it every day from pen pack manure removal to loading silage from Ag bag to hay feeding. This grapple really works and reduces my cost. I would recommend any farmer to purchase this product. It is designed to cover the entire bucket width and built to last. It does not interfere or restrict your vision it will not be taken off.

I couldn't believe how strong it really is.

I was not sure about this product when I first saw it. I have been around equipment my whole life and I really didn't think it was going to work as well as everyone said it did. But after the first two hours of using the Paumco Bucket Grapple I was hooked. I was able to move a 35 yard dirt pile in half the time with the Paumco Bucket Grapple than my normal bucket. I also put this product to test by moving a junk pile. I could grab onto a full bucket load with no problem. I couldn't believe how strong it really is. I have a tine bucket grapple that I have used for years and I can honestly say that the Paumco Bucket Grapple works better.

Great Product

I first thought this product was not going to work. But once I picked up the unit. I was amazed at how well it worked. I could hold more dirt in my bucket without spilling it. I moved loose sandy dirt and hand no problem. I also moved a lot of logs and brush from storm damage. Once again. I was amazed. this grapple is very strong and I would buy it again if I need another one. Very very nice product.